Friday, July 11, 2008

Fishing Mahimahi

Sunday 29th June.

The Family we had taken out a few days ago, wanted another charter, as we were already booked for Monday, they decided to go out today.
It was a late start for us, nearly lunch time by the time we left the dock.
Heading out the Savusavu entrance, we could see that the seas were better then what we had 2 days ago, it actually was flat calm, there wasn't a ripple on the water.

At the usual spots nothing was working, so we went looking, far out on the horizon, we could pick up some movement, so headed in that direction.
As we got closer, we saw a school of dolphins & whales, the dolphins gave us a short display of their swimming skills alongside the boat, but the whales just dived as soon as we approached.

That was the sight seeing done, now we wanted fish, we didn't have to wait too long, as a lot of birds were seen working in the distance.
This looked promising, yes, we had a triple hook up, mayhem on the deck, all mahimahi.

This turned out to be quiet a good day in the end, we had to try & keep dry during the showers, but once the lines went off nobody cared about the rain.

Thank You Paul,Jonnie & Darcy for the photos, there was no way I could have taken any pictures, that day. Just sorry we couldn't have got more of a variety of fish for you. Thanks.

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