Monday, March 30, 2009

Sea Plane in Savusavu Bay

A week ago one of the Turtle Airways planes, landed in the bay to unload & load passengers, to & from Nadi.
Someone must have decided, it was quicker to charter their own plane for the trip to Savusavu, as the flights in & out of Savusavu have been facing delays.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Visitors To Savusavu

Today Pacific Dawn will be visiting our town once more.
Thankfully, it is another beautiful day, though it could be a little hot for the visitors, the last few morning have been very humid.

As we made our way to the Copra Shed Marina, just after 6.00am, there was a lot of activity along the street, in front of the building.
The village ladies were busy setting up stalls so they could sell their handcraft, to the passengers.

Tourist are still not arriving in the same numbers, as in other years, so a boat this size, should bring some much needed dollars to the town.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Trip to Namena Island

16th March

Today we were supposed to pick up luggage, from the 8.15am plane in from Nadi, for a passenger on the dive boat Aggressor.

Well, the plane finally arrived at 9.45am, all the luggage was unloaded, but the bag we were waiting for just wasn't there, someone had forgotten to load it!!

Home again, & after lots of phone calls, was told it was on the 2.00pm plane.
Back to the airport at 2.00, wait & wait, finally at 2.45 the plane lands, a few passengers & luggage are unloaded, & yes, the bag is there this time.

There is a mad dash to the boat, to get away as quickly as possible, as there is a thunder & rain storm approaching.

The trip isn't too bad, we go through the storm, but it is just rain, & after it passed, the sea isn't too bad.

We reached Namena Island after a 90 minute journey, & find Aggressor anchored off the south passage, it doesn't take us long to get alongside, transfer the bag & head back home.

Our plan to fish on the way back, was cut short with the long delay, & it is only a hour until sunset, so decided to do a quick pass over the sea mount on the way home.

Nothing much was working so didn't waste too much time, we got 3 skipjack tuna & headed home.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Comming Into Savusavu

These pictures were taken as the plane lined up with the runway, just before we landed at Savusavu Airport.

We haven't been out fishing this week, the days are still very hot, & the seas too calm, to do any fishing. Haven't had any reports of good size fish being caught for a while.

We have to do a run out to Namena Island tomorrow, to deliver a bag to the live aboard ship, Aggressor.

It should be a good run in the morning, if the plane with the bag gets in on time, but knowing our luck, it will be delayed at least a couple of hours.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Columbus Visits Savusavu

8th March.

What a glorious morning it has turned out to be, after all the rain we had last night.

This morning, we are expecting the German cruise ship Columbus, which started this cruise out of Auckland.

About 309 passengers are expected to take the tours that have been organised, around the countryside.
Just hope the passengers don't find the day too hot.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Savusavu Morning

In the early mornings it is cool, with beautiful calm seas, then by 8.00 the sun gets up & it is so hot, you can't get much done.
Usually by lunch time we get a heavy tropical rain downpour, that clears the air, & it is cool enough to carry on with jobs that have to be done.
There aren't very many tourist around so business is very slack, a couple of Resorts have closed down for a month to do maintenance, in this slow season.
We went out on Sunday to give the boat a run, it was another beautiful day on the water, at first we saw a few good work ups, then as it got hotter, all the fish were gone, so we came back home about 9.00.
We caught a couple of nice Yellowfin, & a good number of Skippys.