Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Repairing Seawall

After the last couple of cyclones, the seawall out in front of Morris Hedstrom's main store in Savusavu was badly damaged.

Fortunately, money has now been found for the repairs of this.

The repairs also extended down as far as the Daku Resort.

Here the road runs along the edge of the sea wall, so gets a lot of damaged, from the surge of the sea, breaking right across, during storms & at peak tides.

This, with the repairs, & tar sealing of the road is a big plus for the town of Savusavu.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Upgrading Road to Cousteau

The residents along the road that goes from town & ends at the Cousteau Resort, have been waiting years for the road to be tar sealed.

Well, finally, their wishes will soon be granted.
Work has started, all the big machinery is here, & at the moment I don't think they have to worry about the weather, as we are in a drought, so the work should progress well.

I drove a short distance along it yesterday, & they seem to be coming along fairly well.

Some Savusavu drivers aren't helping though, they drive at quite a speed on the newly graded part, throwing up all the loose stones, they just don't know how to slow down.

Once this is done, the residents won't have to put up will all the dust every time a car drives by, & it will be a nice drive along the seaside as Savusavu Bay is such a beautiful sight.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Trolling Namena Reef

A week or so ago when the winds weren't blowing 20knts we managed to do a fishing charter.

Not far from the lighthouse we got into a school of bait fish, there must have been bigger fish around, but only the smaller Yellowfin were interested, so after a little while catching these we moved on.

Out in the distance a big splash was noticed so we headed to it, I saw what I thought was a stick in the water.
That was no stick it was a nice Sailfish, it took 3 attempts for it to finally hook on.

Line started to reel out & the fish jumped, all lines were brought in & the fight began.
Unfortunately it had taken one of the lighter lines, so this made it harder for the angler.

After a tiring 20 mins of bringing the fish it, the line snapped.
There was a sudden quiet on the boat as we all looked at one another in despair, as we had seen it jump 3 times, so knew it was a really nice fish.

That's fishing the fish isn't caught until it is in the boat, so all lines were put out again & we headed towards Namana.

On the way home we were treated to a display of 2 whales broaching, what a sight to see these huge creatures throwing themselves out of the water, & doing back flips, we sat & watched them for at least half a hour.

The batteries on my camera died so I was very unfortunate not to have been able to take any photos