Monday, November 2, 2020

25 Years Today, Fishing Out Of Savusavu

 It is 25 years today since we arrived into Savusavu to commence business in this little town, I say little town because it was, in 1995. 

When we arrived we were the only game fishing boat here, a few days after arriving Joan Moody from Namena Island Resort approached us & asked if we could do the transfers of her guests to and from the Island.

As we hadn't established ourselves yet' this was a great way to earn some Income to tie us over.

This partnership lasted over 10 years, we also took people over to Koro Island for David Miller who was selling freehold plots of land to overseas buyers.

On days we weren't doing Island transfers we did game fishing for resorts like Cousteau , Namale. Koro Sun & Lolomalangi. This was a fun time for us as there were a abundance of fish, & we could guarantee we would catch fish.  When the long liners started to come in this quickly changed.

During our 25 years we have met a lot of interesting people, Had a lot of fun & caught a lot of fish. With Covid we aren't sure of the future, Searov is up on the hard & Terry is doing maintenance on her so it will be a waiting gamefor us like a lot of people around the world.


                                        Our youngest angler 10 years old