Monday, January 29, 2018

A Day Out With Guisselle & Garrett

Hello Trevina,

Sorry for the delay in my response. Here are some photos and what I would like to add to the blog.

Thank you again for the experience!

"My boyfriend and I had the pleasure of spending the day at sea with Trevina and Terry on Jan 6, 2018. Although, I got a little ill from being out on a boat for the first time, these two made sure the experience was wonderful. We met with them in the early morning and watched the beautiful Fijian sunrise. After some time, we caught a yellowfin tuna! I am thankful to have met such kind people, and I am happy that we got to enjoy Fiji from a different persepctive.
Vinaka vaka levu,
Guisselle & Garrett"

Thank you both for the very kind words.
All the best in your journey together.
Terry & Trevina.


Friday, January 19, 2018

Beautiful Sunrise In Savusavu.

What a lovely sight that greeted us as we waited for our guest to arrive for their charter.

Over the last few weeks there has been such a foul smell coming off all the Mangrove that the developers on Nawi have destroyed, last week our guest complained about the stench. It is a sad sight to see Mangroves that took hundreds of years to grow to that stage destroyed in a matter of weeks.

Anyway it was a great day on the water, Lisa got her wish & saw whales & Will got his fish,  a nice Sailfish, and we all enjoyed the morning on the water. 

Sorry I didn't manage to get the tail & beak in, bad camera work! It measured just over 8ft in length but couldn't weight it.