Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fishing in Savusavu With Mike


Set out this morning just a little after 7.00am, seas were nice & calm, but looked like we could be heading into some rain.
About a hour into the charter, we had a couple of small yellowfin & 1 skipjack tuna on board, then it went dead.
After half a hour looking around & seeing nothing, we moved to another spot.

Soon we saw birds working, & as we reached the spot we had a double hook up, while Mike & Terry were working the rods, I saw 4 more Mahimahi jump out of the water, & swim right across the lines.
Mike lost his fish just at the boat, so Terry gave him, his fish, then tried to sort out the lines.
Fish in the boat & lines untangled, we set out again, we had 3 more in the boat in a little while but also loosing a few.

In the distance I spotted a good work up, it took a while to reach as they were moving really fast.
It was worth it, as Mike landed a nice 8 & 10kg Albacore.
Now it was time to head home, Mike had had too much Kava at the resort last night, so wasn't feeling too well.

On the way home we lost another Mahimahi just at the boat, & landed another.
We came home with 5 Mahimahi, 2 Yellowfin, 1 Skippy, & 2 Albacore.
A good days fishing.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Short Fishing Charters

Last week the trade winds started to blow quite strong again, & as usual people wanted to go out fishing.
The first charter on Friday morning had to be canceled because the winds were blowing a steady 20knts.
Saturday, the 4 people arrived at the dock, but 1 Lady was showing signs of having had a heavy night, not good for the conditions.
Once pass the Lighthouse, the seas started getting rougher.
About 15mins after the lines were in the water, we were into a school of yellowfin.
The first fish was just on board when, the Lady called out, to take the boat back to shore, now.
That was the end of that charter, the other couple were fishing people, so were disappointed that it ended that way, but there isn't much we can do when someone is throwing up all over the place.
Thank goodness the charter on Sunday was better & they managed to catch fish, mind you, we lost a few, & Terry had a Repala just miss his throat. The Mahimahi was by the boat & Terry was going to gaff it, when it through the hook.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Great Day Fishing

27th August.

I am a bit late writing this one up.
It was such a beautiful day, Terry & I decided to take Searov out to give the engines a run, as we hadn't been out for over a week.

We were a little late getting away, & when we got to the mount, only small fish seemed to be around.

After working the area for a hour & only getting small yellow fin, we thought we would move away, when suddenly, one line went screaming out, then we saw it, a nice Mahimahi.

We were a lot happier now, that we had that on board.
It wasn't long before, we had 2 more Mahimahi.

After this, we decided to head for home, as it was getting really hot, out on the water.

On the way home we picked up another 2 Mahimahi, so that was a great days fishing. 5 Mahimahi & 4 yellow fin.
The biggest Mahimahi weighed in just under 15kg.