Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rain & More Rain

Over the last few weeks we have had a awful lot of rain, unfortunately this week even more heaver rainfall was experienced, causing a few land slips.

Most of the slips happened just at dawn so people were able to see it happening.

Fortunately for one family they were able to get out of their house, before it started to slide, a huge portion of the hillside at the back of the house came down & pushed the house off it's foundations.

We are still waiting on the repair on our alternator to be done, this has already taken 3 weeks +, now the part can't be found in Fiji so have to send overseas for one, guess there has to be a down side to living in the place called "Hidden Paradise"?

We have had a few hours of sunshine today so with any luck the ground will start to dry out, good weather for the garden though.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dawn Princess Visits Savusavu Again

It looked like Dawn Princess's visit to Savusavu today was going to be a wet one.

It had rained off & on yesterday & we had very heavy showers most of the night.

As I loaded the car with flowers to decorate the Copra Shed Marina this morning, where the passengers would be disembarking, another heavy rain shower passed through.

Fortunately by the time the first load of passengers arrived at the dock the sun was out, & it turned out to be a lovely day after all, with the rain holding off for the whole day.

This afternoon there were a lot of happy passengers at the Yacht Club, listening to the band & enjoying a nice cold drink.

Friday, November 4, 2011


The weather in Savusavu has been lovely over the last week or so, hot sunny days & beautiful calm seas.

We haven't been out to sea lately, have been working on the property, trimming trees & plants. in case we get a cyclone early.

We lost so many banana & coconut trees in the last cyclone, so taking precautions.

I did manage to find a couple of fishing photos I had forgotten to put up.

Daylight savings started a couple of weeks ago, the body & mind is still trying to catch up on the hour we lost.

So now we are a hour ahead of normal time, making us the same time as New Zealand .