Thursday, July 23, 2015


This has been the worse year for us weather wise, & fishing hasn't been good at all.

Again the strong Trade winds have set in, we seem to only get a day or at the most 2 days before it is too rough to venture pass the lighthouse.

On a couple of occasions we did go out, the fishing  wasn't at all good, thank goodness we aren't the only ones that are complaining.  A friend also went out on the days we went & caught nothing, the second time they spent all day trolling up the coastline & back & still caught nothing, so decided to snorkel instead.

Local fishermen we spoke to yesterday say there are some Walu in the bay now, so hopefully when the wind dies down a little we will try again.

Have seen the fishing trawlers working up & down the reefs for the last few week so that isn't good for us local boats, as they take everything.

Savusavu has been visited by a few really big Super Yachts this year one of the latest was the Ocean Victory, now that is some boat!  The Marina's are still full with cruising yachts, they make a dash out of Savusavu as soon as the winds ease off a little, having done their clearance & stocked up with fresh supplies.

No latest fish photos so here are ones of sights of Savusavu.

                   Fiji Link about to take off from Savusavu airport for Nadi.

                                       Police Band marching through Savusavu

                                                                  Moon rising