Thursday, January 28, 2016

Trip to Koro Island

We haven't done any fishing, but we did manage to take a charter to the Island of Koro.

Koro Island is part of the Lomaiviti  Group of Islands & use to be one of the big Copra producing Islands.

Dere Bay is where one of the Plantations was, now there is a resort, & there are plots of land for sale

We started visiting Dere Bay 20 odd years ago when the first plots of land were selling, now there are many lovely homes on the Island & it is always a very pleasant  visit to enjoy the peace & tranquility of the place.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Savusavu New Years Eve

It wasn't a good start to 2016 for many people in Savusavu, there was a tropical Depression that was over us & from about 11pm to 4am we experienced  some very very strong gusts of wind.

A few boats pulled out of their mooring buoys, one landed up on Nawi Island another had it's chain caught in some coral so fortunately was  saved from drifting out of Nakama creek.

A few boats also had damage done from the big swells while at the dock.

Power went off about 11.30 but fortunately for some it wasn't too long before it was back on while others had to wait for the next day for their power to come back on.

Around the town & countryside, people spent the New Years cleaning away fallen trees & raking up all the leaves that were scattered around the place, thankfully no one was injured.

Tropical cyclone Ula moved further south & away from us more towards the Lau group, so we escaped another bashing.

Today is a lovely day in Savusavu, seas still have a bit of a swell caused by Ula, but apart from that  the sun is out & birds singing so what more could you ask for!