Sunday, September 30, 2007

Rodney's Wahoo

30th September.

We have been busy this week anti flouling the hull of Searov, as there aren't any places in Savusavu to pull the boat out, we have to beach her, wait for the tide to go out, paint her, than refloat her at high tide.

We had very high tides this week, so it was the best time to do this job, it usually takes us 2 days as we can only do, one side at a time.

These photos were sent to me by a couple from Australia, who we had taken out in June of this year.

We caught a lot of Wahoo this year but also lost a lot of lures.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

More Photos of the Whales

23rd September 2007

Just a few more photos of the whales, that we saw on our last fishing charter.

Wish my camera was able to just keep taking photos , there was so much that I could have got!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Fishing Charter turns into Whale watching

21st September 2007

We had a fishing charter this morning from a couple staying at one of the local resorts.
We started out just after 7.00am, it was a beautiful clear morning, but we knew it would be very hot later as there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

Out there, nothing was working in the usual spot, so went towards, what I thought were fish breaking the surface. It wasn't fish, just big pods of Whales & it stretched as far as the eye could see, they seemed to be in groups of 5-7 but just everywhere.
We did manage to catch 5 Mahi mahi & skipjack tuna but the sight of all those whales was really what made the day.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Week of Strong Winds

We haven't managed to venture out fishing this week.
There was a strong wind warning out for the whole of the Fiji Group.
With luck it might start to calm down tomorrow.

A couple of weeks ago, we had a visit from my Son & his Girlfriend, over from NZ.

As they only had 5 days with us, we didn't manage to take them out fishing.
They were busy for 4 days, doing a dive course at one of the resorts in Savusavu.
Will do fishing next visit.

These are photos of our small airstrip in Savusavu. It has planes flying in from Nadi & Suva.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Third Days Charter

Friday 31st August

The wind was blowing strong all night & the seas were very rough. When Terry & Lori arrived at the boat with another resort guest, we thought they would cancel the trip for sure.
We were wrong - they still wanted to go.

It definitely was different today. There were big seas outside the reef so we put the gear out & made our way slowly to the sea mount.
Once on the mount there were just small groups of birds flying around - since the birds weren't doing much we decided to carry on & look around.

After a while we were rewarded, we saw Mahi Mahi in the water, & soon had a hook up. Terry & Grant were kept busy trying to land the mahi mahi in these rough conditions. It was a lot of fun watching, everyone clearing the deck to get away when the big bulls came in, as they were green & angry.

Terry's Second Day Out

29th August
On his second day out with us Terry was finally rewarded with this nice Wahoo.

Today wasn't as calm as the first day out. When we got to the fishing spot from the first day, where we caught all the fish, there wasn't anything to be seen.

We lost a big bull Mahi Mahi when the line snapped (it had to take one of the smaller lines) but Terry managed to play this for a while. Then unfortunately we lost a Marlin - it also took a smaller line & came racing towards us. I couldn't get up enough speed, & soon it was on my right plowing away with line & lure. Hope the pictures turn out , it was some sight to see.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Fishing with Two Terrys

27th August
We have had a very busy week, the last 3 charters with a very nice couple, Terry and Lori, who are here on their honeymoon, staying at one of the Resorts that we get most of our charters from.

On the first day it was a fairly easy day for us, as soon as we got to one of the fishing spots, we had strikes & this happened for most of the half day charter. We ended up taking home 34 fish, 12 yellowfin tuna & the rest skipjack tuna.

Terry (our client) did manage to get his workout from a shark which he played for about 10 mins, but lure pulled out just at the boat, thank goodness, think they managed to get pictures when the shark was close to the boat , it was a big bronze whaler.

Will put photos on once Terry sends it on to us, we were kept too busy to get to take any for ourselves.