Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Savusavu Sunset

The weather over the last month or so has been really unpredictable, we had a few really nice days with calm seas, but the day we had to take clients to Koro Island it was blowing 15-20knts.

Half way across the clients wanted to stop & fish, so they could have fresh fish for dinner.

Luckily we saw birds working ahead so headed towards them, we picked up a nice Mahi-Mahi for dinner, then carried on.

We had a fair bit of groceries to unload, as the clients were staying a month on the Island & needed a lot of stuff.

It was fairly late as we returned home so didn't have time to put the lines out again.

As we got closer to Savusavu the sun was setting & through a beautiful red glow across the sky & sea.

What a lovely time to be on the way home.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


The beginning of July brought with it some very strong windy days, the weather itself was great, as the winds kept the temperature down.

But for some of us that needed to go out pass the entrance to Savusavu Bay, it was too rough.

There were a couple of charters that had to be cancelled because it was blowing too strong, & the clients flew out of Savusavu, before the winds came down

We did manage to take some young men out, Sunday last, but they were seasick not long after leaving the dock, we did warn them it would be rough but they wanted to try anyway.

 A Walu & a Mackerel Tuna were caught, which they took home for lunch , so it wasn't a wasted day.