Friday, April 15, 2016


We are getting our fair share of rain this year, since Cyclone Winston then Zena, the whole country is getting flood warnings every week.

We have another depression north of us we hope won't develop into another cyclone, but so far is bringing really heavy rain 

With this weather continuing it looks like we will still be on the hard for the rest of the month, Terry is just unable to get any painting done!

The garden is starting to show sighs of growth, with this amount of rain it should be, the coconut tree leaves are lifting & new ones showing, it was a mess for weeks as the dead ones kept dropping, plus the small formed coconut also falling.

Haven't had any reports of fish being caught might have to go to the market to see what is in the freezers as a sigh of what has been caught.

It has been so long since we have been out on the water might have to find my sea legs again!

A few more yachts that were blown ashore during the cyclone have been re floated over the last week with the spring tides, so that is great news for the owners. 

Hopefully will have some fishing news in my next blog