Thursday, August 30, 2012

Trip To Koro Island

This month seams to have flown, it started off very quite, then the last few weeks have been really busy for us.

As usual when we have trips to Koro the weather seems to pack up, & last week it stayed true to form.

A couple of the trips we had to pick clients up from Dere Bay so we were able to take it slow & ride the waves more gently.

 The last trip we had on Monday was no different, early that morning the wind calmed down & the seas looked good, so we thought it is going to be a good trip across.

About  15 mins out from the lighthouse Terry said here it comes, & boy it sure did, winds gusting up to 25knts, thankfully the clients were settled down below & were able to take the rough conditions.

After putting the clients ashore, engine check, cuppa tea & sandwich, we made our way back.

This way isn't too bad as we travel with the waves but I can say we sure were traveling on  the top some of those waves, it was a lovely sight to see the lighthouse at the entrance to Savusavu Bay knowing we would soon be home. 

The calm waters of Dere Bay

                                                   Lighthouse at the entrance to Savusavu Bay

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Where have the days gone?
We are now into August, Olympics are half way through, & Christmas is around the corner!

A few weeks ago we did managed to take a couple from Sweden out, on one of the days that the wind died down a little enough to get pass the lighthouse.

The seas were still rough, but as they were leaving the next day, wanted to give it a try.

Luckily we managed to pick up a few Yellowfin (small) & a nice MahiMahi, they also got to hear the line run out twice with nice fish on, but unfortunately, didn't manage to get it into the boat.

Over the last few months, we haven't had much rain & the ground was beginning to to dry out,& plants looking sad, but thankfully last night we got some nice rain to make things look that lovely green again. Now I don't have to walk around the garden with a bucket full of water.

The other day I was these young sailors from Savusavu Yacht Club, enjoying a sail with the wind blowing up the harbour.