Thursday, September 12, 2019

Beautiful Savusavu Day

Gosh didn't realise it has been months since my last entry.

Haven't done much fishing as we had the haul out in June, that took a couple of months, then we had cleaning up.

After so long being up it took its toll  on all the paint, so now more work to make her look loved again!

Decided to take her out yesterday just to give the engines a good run after being on the hard for so long, it was a beautiful morning as we left the Copra Shed Marina, we headed out to the seamount to see if anything was working?

About 10 mins after the lines were in the water we had our first double strike, got the first yellow fin tuna in then to the other line, all of a sudden it went screaming out then snap. A shark had taken the tuna, lure & line.

All lines out again & so headed to where the birds were working, wasn't long before the line went screaming out again, I had to rush down to help Terry to bring in the other lines so as not to cause a tangle.

Terry played it for about 10mins then knew it was a shark, after another 5mins he had it to the boat but all of a sudden the shark found new energy & took off again braking the line with the lure still in its mouth.

That was enough having lost 2 good lures we decided to go back home, we had lunch & the engines had a good run so it was a good day.

On the way home we ran into a large pod of pilot whales, such a wonderful sight to see these huge creatures swim so gracefully through the ocean, some getting so close to the boat I could almost touch them, unfortunately  I missed those shots.