Sunday, April 15, 2012


It wasn't a very good Easter this year for a lot of people in Fiji, with all the flooding many people were out of their homes.

We were lucky in Savusavu, again the rains & flooding didn't effect us a lot, so are counting our blessings.

The flights into Fiji were cancelled after the flooding, so Terry was left at the Auckland airport for 4 days trying to get back to Savusavu.

When he finally got into Nadi he had to wait 2 days there, as the plane home had a mechanical!
Guess it could have been worse?

Took the boat for a run, as she has been sitting, while he was away. It was another lovely day on the water, calm seas & bright sun, not too good for fishing though.

We go a nice Mahimahi, small yellowfin & a barracuda, so headed back home.