Monday, June 15, 2015

Trade Winds Blowing

Because of the weather conditions, has been at least a couple of weeks since we were last out, the Trade Winds have come in with a bang this year.

Had 3 charters on our books but were unable to do any of them because of the rough seas, thankfully we did get out at the beginning of the month, on a couple of charters.

We had Troy come out with us first, the morning started good it wasn't long after we left the entrance of Savusavu bay that we saw some birds working.

Lines went quickly into the water as we made our way towards the work up, a couple of runs through  them, nothing, then suddenly on of the lines went off.

Troy got into the chair while Terry brought in the gear, the fish had taken out a bit of line so it took a while to bring the fish in.

When it got closer to the boat we could see it was a nice Yellowfin Tuna, with a lot of patience & care we finally got it onto the boat, but by now all the birds & fish had gone.

Nothing else was hooked after that until we were just about home, this time it was a skipjack tune.
This didn't make us happy about taking out another couple the next day, being full moon, always makes catching harder.

The day had a little more chop on the water then the day before so put the lines out early & worked our way to find birds. There wasn't much around today so headed towards the other seamount, thankfully we finally had something on, Brad got into the chair & started to bring it in.

This time it was a nice Mahimahi weighing in just over7kg, he was happy & now it was Rachael's turn!
It was a while until we had another strike, so Rachael got into the chair & started to bring the fish in, this was her first time so it took a bit of coaching till the fish was at the boat, another Mahimahi  It looked bigger then the first one but unfortunately it was skinner than Brad's so was slightly lighter.