Saturday, October 27, 2012

Savasi Resort Savusavu

Last week Paul caught a Marlin while out on a charter with us.

We were unable to show him with the marlin, at the time I published my last entry.
I have since been forwarded a photo, of Paul taken at Savasi Resort, where he was holidaying while in Savusavu.

Nice one Paul.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Paul's Marlin

It has been 3 week since my last post, since then we have had a few fishing charters, but only catching a few Mahimahi & small yellowfin.

We went out on Monday afternoon but the weather was so bad it took us 2 hrs to reach the seamount, nothing much was working once we got there, but managed to get a nice Mahimahi.

It wasn't nice out there & the weather was closing in so headed home, on the way back we picked up another Mahimahi but lost it after it's second run.

The men on board wanted to go out again, so arranged it for Thursday morning as they were flying out on Friday.

We were down at the boat about 4.30 getting set up, clients arrived about 5.45, once on the water it look like it was going to be a good day.

Clients wanted to go to the other seamount to see if it was working better then the one we had gone to on Monday, so off we went.

No it wasn't, not a bird or fish in sight, about a hour of pulling lures around Terry said, think we had better try the other one?

We hauled gear in & raced across to the other one, as we got there we could see birds all over, & it wasn't long until we had fish on board.

We caught 10 yellowfin tuna & a barracuda, then the birds seem to disappear. we carried on for a little longer then decided to head towards home.
We had seen Mahimahi in the water but they weren't interested in the lures we had.

About  a hour from home, Bang the rubber band on the outrigger went off & the whole outrigger shock, line was pealing off so quickly it wasn't going to be long before we would be spooled.

Terry started to back up, then we saw this big Black jumping out across the back.  At one stage we thought we had lost it as it came powering along the side of the boat, this gave us a chance to see the size of it, it must have gone under the boat then back out.

It took over a hour & half to bring it in, it kept going from one side of the boat to the other, so had to keep turning the boat in either directions.

Finally it was at the boat, by this stage it was pretty much dead, it had been a long fight , the angler was pretty much stuffed also, thankfully it was overcast.

It took all 5 of us to try & pull it onto the duckboard, once done, everyone sighed a sigh of relief. It had been choppy out there so Paul did a great job bringing it in, at times when we had to back onto it, everyone got sprayed with salt water, at least it kept us cool.

I didn't get to take photos of it hung up, as they took it straight from the boat onto a truck to the Resort where the clients were staying.

Hopefully they will send me a photo for my collection!