Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Flooding In Fiji

For the last week we have been experiencing a lot of rain over the Fiji Islands, then on Sunday, a tropical depression got closer to the group. bringing a lot more heaver rain.

From Monday, towns & villages began to flood, & by Tuesday, Nadi town & other towns near by were evacuated.

We were fortunate in Savusavu, flooding wasn't as bad.
We had our heaviest rain on Sunday & it eased off before high tide, so the water was able to recede a little before the tide was at it's highest. avoiding a lot more flooding.

Labasa wasn't as fortunate the town & settlements were flooded & there were slips, closing the Labasa/Savusavu highway.

Not a good start to the school year, schools on the western side of Viti Levu are still closed because of the flooding, but all schools in Savusavu are open.

Felt sorry for all the tourist holidaying in Fiji, it hasn't been pleasant for them, met a few in town looking at changing their flights, but flights had been cancelled because of the weather, so they just had to sit it out.

Adding a photo from my file. of a Sun rise, just to remind me what the Sun looks like!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Savusavu Sunrise

What beautiful sunrises we have had the last few mornings, the rain showers have eased for a little while, giving the ground time to dry out.

There have been some wonderful displays of lightening from our porch at night, glade it is a distance away, but looks great on the water.

The town is abuzz with school children gearing up for the beginning of the School year, which starts next week, the shops are busy with families buying new school uniforms & school books.

Daylight saving ends for us on Sunday, this is great for the school children setting off for school, more light to prepare for school in.

Haven't been out for a little while, the fishing reports haven't been too great, could be the thunder & lightening that is scaring off the fish?