Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pacific Pearl Visits Savusavu

Yesterday news was received that the Pacific Pearl would be visiting Savusavu, this was brought on because of cyclone Atu.

Because the cyclone passed over Vanuatu, the ship had to divert away from the cyclone, so came to Fiji instead.

This was very fortunate for Savusavu, as it has been a while since a ship this size has visited us.

The Savusavu Yacht club had just finished alterations, & Captains Table had recently open its doors for business, so this was well timed.
Pacific Pearl will leave this afternoon.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Catching Mahimahi

Last weekend we were all watching the low above Fiji wondering if it would develop into a cyclone.
Thankfully it moved away to the west, before it formed & ended up hitting Australia.
Watching the pictures on TV we couldn't help feeling sorry for all the people that lost homes & property.

Yesterday was another lovely morning in Savusavu, we thought we would take Searov out for a run, & look at the new fad that has been put down on the Koro seamount.

Not long after leaving the lighthouse, we had a nice Mahimahi on, a little later another in the box.
We finally reached the fad but nothing was working there, we worked it for a while then decided to head towards the other seamount which we usually go to.

There was a lot of birds working on this one, but nothing would take our lures, & they were moving so fast. There had to be fish around but deeper down, finally we got a skippy.

On the way home we had a triple strike, this was a lot of hard work for Terry as he was on the deck by himself, I came down & started to bring in one of the lines until, he had brought in the first Mahimahi.

I needed to turn the boat so went back up, as I started to climb the ladder the Mahimahi hit the back of my leg with it's tail, thankfully I wasn't any closer.

Once I had the boat in position Terry brought in the second Mahimahi & started on the third.

I could hear banging in the cabin & on investigation found the first Mahimahi had worked itself into the cabin, some cleaning up has to be done in here later.

Soon the third Mahimahi was in the box & after a short breather, we were on our way home

Another lovely day on the water & to top it off 5 nice Mahimahi, biggest one being over 12kg, others between 9 & 7kg.