Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Savusavu Trip

15th January.

Went out with some Tourists from Taiwan the other day. They were hoping to catch some Yellow fin.
The morning looked ok to start with, but by the time they got to the boat at 8.15am, it started to pour down with rain. They still wanted to go out, so we headed to the Lighthouse.

The sea was a little choppy, but still good enough to carry on out to the seamount. That was a mistake, as about 20mins later the wind started to pick up. It was getting too rough for them, & the Ladies started to feel a little sick - so we started to head back for Savusavu Bay.

I'm sorry I had forgotten the camera in the cabin, because we ran into a huge pod of the big black whales. They came so close to the boat you could just about touch them. The visitors were kept happy for at least 15mins, with the whales diving under the boat, & alongside the boat, some leaping right out of the water.

I was hoping the visitors were taking pictures, but they were so busy admiring the exhibition that they forgot. The seasickness was also forgotten in all the excitement.
One of the Ladies commented that the sight of these whales made her feel good inside.

Once inside the bay we took them to a spot where they were able to snorkel.
This they enjoyed, as the spot has so many different types of small fish to look at.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Savusavu Fishing

9th January

The first week of 2008, was a very quiet one, most of the visitors in town were here, visiting family or friends.

There is a lot of Yellow Fin Tuna around this year, but for some reason are very shy.

The ones we did manage to catch, were full of very small fish.

A few bigs ones have been caught.

A friend of ours, caught a very nice 70lb one, last week while they were out in their boat.