Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sun Princess Returns To Savusavu

Well what a beautiful morning, the rain clouds lifted & Savusavu was able to show itself off to the visitors on Sun Princess.

The first tender was at the Copra Shed Marina a little after 8.00, for passengers to disembark for the first of the organised tours.

The band boys were there playing their Island music, & the Ladies offered the passengers a flower as they made their way through the Marina.

During the morning we had light rain showers to cool everything down a bit, & make it a little more pleasant for those walking around town.

The handicraft stalls were once again set up along the foot path outside the Copra Shed, displaying all the craft made in the villages.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sad Day In Savusavu

This has been a very sad week for the community of Savusavu, & people are still upset with the tragedy that happened.

On Monday night around 7.30pm there was a explosion heard in town, shortly after another explosion then a massive fire broke out on one of the yachts at anchor in the Savusavu Bay.

This area is where most yachts anchor in the safety of the bay & close to shops, market etc.

Unfortunately Sharon wasn't able to be saved, Sean got out, but died in hospital the next morning.

Their boat Obilo was pulled onto shore a day ago, so that Police & fire experts from Suva, were able to carry out their investigating, into this awful tragedy.

It is truly a sad sight to see their boat lying up on land that way.

RIP Sean & Sharon.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cruise Ships In Savusavu

Another lovely clear day for the visits of cruise ships into Savusavu.

Yesterday morning we welcomed 2 boats, one the Captain Cook cruise ship & the other Princess Danae.

This is the first visit we have had from the Princess Danae. Passengers on board were mostly French.

There weren't many passengers disembarking off the 2 boats, not more than 4oo I think, but for our little down, this is a number that could move comfortably around.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Trip to Koro Island

It was a beautiful morning as we left the Copra Shed Marina dock for Koro Island, with our passengers.

The seas looked calm as we approached the lighthouse, so it was going to be a lovely trip across.

On the way over I saw a few schools of fish working, but we couldn't stop as there had to be work done on Koro.

We arrived at Dere Bay just after 8.30, the men leaving to do the work on the Vodafone Tower.

Terry & I spend most of the time waiting in the cool of the bure, that Dere Bay have on their dock. It is a lovely spot on a day like this, as it got fairly hot waiting on Searov, as the day progressed.

It took longer then expected for the work to be done, so we didn't leave for the return trip until 2.00.
On the way across we had said if we saw fish working, we would try for a fish. but didn't have too much time to waste.

About half way across , I saw a big workup of birds & fish, so the lines were put out, a little later we had a double hook up, lost both, the men hadn't used a rod before, so Terry had to show them how to work it.

Thankfully, another double strike, this time we got both in, skippys. at least they have something for dinner.

We had another couple of strikes, but didn't land them so pulled everything in & headed for home, reaching Savusavu just before 5.00.

This has been a long day, just need a shower & a early night.