Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Weather In Savusavu

Over the last few days we have had such lovely calm seas & sunny days, wish it had been like this for our trips to Koro Island, mind you the trip back on Friday wasn't too bad.

Terry is busy painting Searov while we have some lovely sunshine, just hope it keeps up so he can finish it.

Haven't been out fishing, though we did try for a bit on the way back from Koro last Sunday, but nothing was working, & there wasn't a bird to be seen working anywhere.

We had a slight earthquake this week so that might be what is upsetting the fish?

Meantime, here are some more photos and a video of Alex and his Yellowfin.

                                                                Alex & Belinda

                                                              Any one for Sashimi?

Game Fishing Savusavu from Luther on Vimeo.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Chris With His First Marlin

This month has gone by so fast, had better write something before it is the end of January.

We have been pretty busy, what with trying to clean up the property after Evan, then Terry had to anti foul  Searov as the build up of oyster shells on her hull was slowing her down a lot.

That process took a few days, not having a slipway makes simple jobs big ones here in Savusavu.

We beached Searov on Nawai Island on Thursday night as the tide was higher in the evening than the morning tide, Terry slept on board then started on one side in the morning, scrubbing her then anti fouling one side before the tide came in.

We took her off that evening so Terry could have a break, then put her back on the beach on Sunday morning & repeated the process on the other side. She is all done now & is traveling a few knots faster.

We have had a couple of charters this month, the first was with a young family out of Canada, just as we got to the sea mount Chris brought in a nice Barracuda, not too long after we had a very nice MahiMahi on, Chris played this really well but unfortunately just as it got to the boat it shook its head & spat out the lure.

 It went dead for a while then as the rain started to fall the birds & fish started to appear, we saw some really big yellowfin jumping out of the water but they just wouldn't take any of the lures we had out.

Thank goodness we did manage to to catch a few of the smaller version.

Yesterday we had our second charter, the lines were in the water no longer then 10 mins when one of the lines went screaming out, Terry got Chris in the chair & started to bring in the other lines, line kept peeling out so had to back up a little. 

Now the hard work begans, as soon as Chris started to bring in line it started to peel out again.
This went on for a while, & to make matters worse the fish didn't  jump at any time so it was a guessing game  to know what we had on.
No one had seen it take the line & now it had gone down deep.

It took over a hour until it got closer to the surface for Terry to see the lure, but couldn't see any colour, so at this stage thought it might be a big shark, big disappointment, then great excitement. "I see a beak it is a Marlin" all of a sudden the boat comes alive.

It has been a long hard fight  for Chris & now the fish has given up, so bringing it into the boat is a little easier.
This was the first Marlin  & the biggest fish he had ever caught, so Chris was chuffed.

                                      Chris with one of his small Yellowfin.

Some kind words from our Canadian clients.

Greetings Terry and Trevina

We just wanted to thank you again for a great outing... And the fish, says Chris.  If the kids have their way we will see you again soon in hopes of getting that dolphin aboard.

The barracuda we ate for lunch (delicious) and yellowfin is on the menu for dinner.  All is good in our world.

You are fine folk and we are glad that we had the good fortune to meet you.  May your boat always float, and may you encounter diving birds whenever you venture out onto the water.

Paul Sheehan