Monday, March 24, 2014

Development on Nawai Island

Weather in Savusavu has been really lovely, finally getting some cooler mornings.

Building has commenced on Nawai Island, the first building is visible & soon the thatched roof will be finished.

We have had to pull Searov out as we have a leak in the tilt ram, awaiting a new one to arrive from New Zealand.

Postal service is fairly slow so it will be at least a couple of weeks before we are operational again.

At least there is now a trailer we can hire to put her on to pull her out, something Savusavu hasn't had before.

Friday, March 7, 2014


Had a nice break away, but it is always nice to arrive back into Savusavu, although I thought I would be stuck in Nadi as there was a threat of a cyclone approaching Fiji.

Thankfully I did arrive back on the booked flight &the cyclone developed as it left Fiji waters

We did manage to get out last week for a fish with a young couple from Canada,
The morning was lovely when we left the dock, a little later then planed (taxi didn't turn up).

On getting to the sea mount there wasn' t any sign of birds working or sign of fish around, we did the usual run up & down & around the mount, but nothing was happening.

We did a stint along the reef but again nothing happened, so made our way back to the mount. Just as we thought we would have a drink, one reel went off peeling yards of line.

All of a sudden the boat came alive, bringing in spare lines while the husband sat in the game chair & Terry hands him the rod.

The Marlin now jumps out of the water & we all get a good look at it, again the line reels out as it does another run in the other direction, now it  is time to wind the line in. Sadly the line now goes slack, it has snapped, Marlin has gone with a new lure.

At least it is there for hopefully us to have a try at playing it again another day, we finally caught a couple tuna on the way home.

The best sight of the day was seeing pods of whales on the way home, some  only about 5 meters from the boat, I think the lack of fish was made up by seeing these wonderful creatures.