Monday, January 24, 2011

Fishing Mahi Mahi

We haven't been out for a few weeks as Terry had to take a part to New Zealand for servicing.

He installed it on Friday so took Searov out for a run on Sunday to see if everything was working.

Everything seemed to be working well so decided to carry on & do a fish.

There was a lot of action on the mount when we go there, but it seemed like small stuff, we got a couple of Skippys, but nothing big seemed to be amongst them, so decided to look for something a bit bigger, elsewhere.

Soon we had a nice 10kg Mahi Mahi in the boat, a little later we had another Mahi Mahi on, this time it was a bull & he was jumping all over the place, this was a worry as we had a few lines out at the time.

Eventually he was in the boat, & into the box.
Now it was time to head home as it was getting really hot out on the water.

Last week we had a unexpected visitor, land in our property.
Close to midnight a truck traveling on the road beside us, stalled & came down the hill, & overturned into my garden.

No one was hurt but it took away a lot of my hedge & garden.

They got a crane in the morning to pull the truck out, but this also started to slide downhill & took more of the garden out as it came to a stop.

Eventually they took our advise & brought in a digger to pull the truck out.

Now I have to start getting cuttings to do a replant, I lost a lot of the red torch ginger plant, but fortunately the roots are still there, so it shouldn't be too long before they grow up again.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Good Days Fishing

We left the dock just at dawn, seeing the sun rising to the left as we headed out, was a lovely sight.
This great big red ball rising out of the water.

We had decided to leave early as there was a soccer match at 11am we wanted to watch, at the sea mount nothing was working, so we could have had a couple of hours more in bed.

Nothing really started to show until about 8.30. then we had these big work ups, we had friends on another boat, doing the same thing as us, circling the school, going through them but nothing happened.

Then we both had a Mahimahi on, both in the boat & we are on our way again, another hook up this time it is a nice Yellowfin Tuna, just over 12kg, is in the box.

Other big schools working up ahead so head off in the direction, this time the outer line starts to reel off, Terry yells out to come down & bring in the other lines, while he takes the rod, line keeps reeling out.

Terry tells me to hurry as he is just about spooled & needs me to start backing up. I am just about up the stairs when the Marlin snaps the line, & starts to jump out of the water, at one stage I thought it was heading towards us.

No time to grab the camera before it is now jumping & traveling off to the left of us. Our friends in the other boat got a great display as they were just behind.

Gone is the Marlin, don't really like to catch them, so don't mind, but have lost a good lure.

We end up loosing another lure & a Mahimahi, but after 15mins playing it, Terry lands another Mahimahi.

We get a small Barracuda on the way in, just to finish the day.
This has been an eventful day for us, & as it is now about 32 degrees, it's time to be home in the shade.