Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Ferry for Savusavu

We had a fair bit of rain yesterday afternoon, but this morning it has all cleared so now we have sunshine & blue skies.
That rain was good for the garden & water tanks though.

We had Searov on the hard yesterday, trying to decide whether to anti foul her or just scrubbed the bottom, well thank goodness Terry just scrubbed, the paint wouldn't have dried in that rain.

Another shipping company has started servicing Savusavu, hopefully it will bring in more competition so we will get a better service from Suva.

Sometimes the shops run out of basic items because of the breakdown in the shipping services. The cargo & trucks that comes on these ferry's also service the town of Labasa.

Savusavu has been very quiet not many tourist around, with luck the cruise boat expected next month will bring in some revenue for the town.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dere Bay Resort Koro

The weather over the last week, for land lovers has been wonderful, sunshine & a good strong breeze to keep the temperature down.

For boat owners wanting to go out, the winds were pretty strong, the sea rough with some good swells.

Fortunately we got a break in the weather on Friday, so was able to take people over to Koro to look at a site, for a client wishing to build on Koro.

We hadn't been to Koro for over a year, when David first bought the property, over 16 years ago, we had lots of trips over with David to show off the lots to clients.

Since then a resort & many houses have been built on the once Copra Plantation.

When we first started taking clients over, in those days they were mostly Americans, they would fly in from overseas, spend the night at the Hot Springs Hotel, go over early in the morning to spend a few hours looking around the sites, then we would ferry them back to Savusavu & Hot Springs Hotel.

Savusavu Hot Springs Hotel, sit on a hill overlooking Savusavu Bay so has one of the best views of the bay, & is just a short walk into town.

Sometimes the clients would want to spend a few days on the Island, so we would just drop them off & head back home, fishing on the way back.
The resort has its own boat now, so ferry their own clients back & forth.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Savusavu Fog

Awoke this morning to find fog all around the hills near us.

A couple of hours later & the sun is out & it is another beautiful day in Paradise.

We have had a fair bit of rain over the last few days, so water tanks are overflowing once again.

I had done some more planting of flower cuttings, so was glade of the rain, saves walking around with buckets of water.

Savusavu was in the news this week, for a stabbing incident at a local supermarket. Not something we want to be in the news for though.

Savusavu held Coconut Day on Friday at the grounds at the back of the market, a day of entertainment & where planters, villagers & locals, were able to show off all the produce that are made from the coconuts & the different parts of the tree.

There was a group of women from one of the villages, that are producing pure virgin coconut oil, & making a living out of it.