Sunday, January 26, 2014


Weather here in Savusavu has been extremely hot over the last week or so, thankfully we got some heavy rain yesterday to cool things down & fill the water tanks.

Fishing hasn't been the best, guess it is too hot even for the fish.

Had a trip across to Koro Island on Thursday to pick up guests, on the way over & back there wasn't a bird to be seen, this is very unusual, we usually see something working out there.

Have had a couple of fishing charters, saw big Yellowfin but only the smaller ones were taking the lure, did manage to get a couple of very nice Mahimahi though.

Time to antifoul Searov again there are very high tides start on Friday so weather permitting Terry will be busy scraping all the oyster shells off the hull & changing stern drive oil.

We don't have anywhere to pull her out so have to beach her to do all the work so it takes 2 days, one day for each side.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Savusavu Welcomes Sun Princess

On Monday Savusavu welcomed the first Cruise ship to it's shores for 2014.

This year there will be about 9 ships visiting our shores, this is good news for all the local people that make a living selling handy crafts, these visits bring in much needed revenue to the town & neighbouring villages

Fortunately it was a lovely day here in Savusavu so all the people were able to go on the tours then walk around our little town.

We were lucky to have the Captain go out with us, & it was a pleasure to meet such a gracious man.

Our friend Steven who came in with his catch  of the day, nice one Steven.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Years to all, may 2014 bring health, peace & good fortune to all

We had a quiet New Years Eve, about 11.55pm people started to send off rockets & huge fire crackers
that would have woken the dead, fortunately we were still awake so didn't give us such a shock when it went off.

Around the town today it is pretty quiet, most taking it easy after the celebrations held at the different clubs & private homes last nigh.

It is a very hot day here in Savusavu, don't want too many of these days as it is likely to bring a cyclone close to our area, we could do with  some rain to cool the placel down .

Had another trip to Koro Island on Saturday, but because there was a delay with flights  we didn't leave until after 1pm. Didn't manage to put a line ouy on the way back, as we were trying to get back into Savusavu before sunset.

As it would happen there were birds working on the way in, & it was a hard decision not to put the lines out, think we made the right call not to, as it was after 6.30 when we got in.

We caught some good fish in 2013, hope 2014 will be as good for us.