Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tsunami Warning For Savusavu

Early this morning, we all received a message on our mobile phones, warning us of the threat of a Tsunami for all of the Pacific.
It being a Sunday morning in Savusavu, not many shops were open so it wasn't such a big deal to close the town down.

People living along the shoreline of Savusavu, all left for higher ground, the hill across from us was full of taxis & private cars parked for at least 3 hrs, a lot of them had brought food & mats, so made it a outing for the family.

Again, fortunately for us nothing eventuated so everything was back to normal by lunch time.

It has been quiet around the town now that the children are back at school, but this daylight savings is causing some people problems, the school starting time has been changed, they now start at 9.00am so the children aren't going to school in the dark.

Last Friday, the cruise ship Albatross came into port for a 6hr visit, a lot of the passengers went on planned trips, & a few others did the usual walk around town, looking at the shops, & handicraft stalls, I met a few of them in the local supermarket buying beer.