Monday, January 27, 2020

Beautiful Day Out On The Water

It's been a while since we have been out as Terry has been busy painting the boat & we have had 2 cyclones pass by already this season.
The seas were nice & calm as we headed out, but there was nothing to be seen as we made our way to one of the sea mounts, after a couple of hours we decided to try the other sea mount as this one was dead.

As we got closer to the other mount we could finally see birds & signs of fish!
Soon there were big Yellow Fin heading our way jumping out of the water.

Bang the first line goes off, Terry grabs it & tries to take it out of the holder as another line goes off, I come down to try & help but the other 2 lines go off so had to climb back up to keep the boat straight.

Soon one line snaps taking line & lure with it, not long after the other 2 lines go slack.
Terry finally manages to bring the remaining fish on board so we at least have lunch. We saw the school now working away from us, but as soon as we reached the spot, they are gone.

We slowly made our way home & picked up a nice barracuda on the way home, this is great as barracuda are nice eating in Fiji.  Saw nothing else so were really lucky to get at least the one Yellow fin.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Relaxing Day

We lost a few charters when Cyclone Tino came to visit us last week. fortunately it didn't do too much damage as she sailed pass us!

This morning we were able to take a couple across the bay to one of our favourite spots. It was a nice relaxing day for all of us.

As we motored back up Nakama creek the dredge was busy dredging all the area between Nawi Island & the navigation channel for the company that own Nawai Island.