Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Joe's Fishing

It is the last day in September, just don't know where this month has gone.
In between all the strong wind we have been having, we managed to get out on a charter with a young couple from one of the resorts on Savusavu.

It wasn't too bad outside the lighthouse but the wife wasn't too happy with the conditions, so we came back into the harbour.
Working our way along the reef, we managed to get a nice Walu, Joe also caught a couple of other fish he hadn't caught before, as most of his fishing was done on the lakes, so he was very pleased.

We also saw a school of dolphins, & two separate turtles along the way, so they were very pleased with the trip.
They managed to take some nice photos, of the reefs, dolphins & turtles, for the family back in the States.

This was caught near your spot Jim.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Yellowfin Tuna

On Friday morning the Pacific Dawn cruise ship arrived for another day visit, to our little town.
On Wednesday & Thursday the whole of the Fiji group, had experienced very, heavy rain, with a lot of places being flooded out.

We were so fortunate that on Friday it all cleared away & the sun shone through, to give our visitors a lovely day, so they were able to go on the tours, & wonder around the town, in a clear day.

On Saturday we took out a couple, & were fortunate to be able to catch another Yellow fin Tuna before the fishing went dead.
We caught the fish in the first 40mins away from the wharf.

The fish just don't seem to be around this year, no one has caught a Mahi Mahi for ages. Guess it has to do with the weather pattern or something!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Friday 11th

The strong winds have been blowing for over a week, last Sunday & Monday all flight into Savusavu had to be canceled because of the weather.

All passengers had to fly into Labasa, then find their own transport into Savusavu, this isn't very good for the poor tourist that has never been to Vanua Levu before.
We had one such couple, arriving into Labasa not knowing Savusavu was a hour & half away by taxi, at a cost of $100.

Anyway, we had a booking for a charter, but there wasn't any way that we could go the usual spots, outside the entrance to Savusavu, as the weather forecast was for winds 20 - 25knts.
The family were leaving on Saturday so asked to try inside the harbour.

The winds in the harbour wasn't as strong, so we gave it a shot.
There just didn't seem to be anything around, though we did see a pod of dolphins, doing a display for us for about 5 mins.

Luckily we did manage to pick up a nice size Yellowfin Tuna, but lost a Wahoo, one of the daughters was playing the fish, but not having fished before, she had too much slack on the line, & after the second run, it through the hook.

How that they have flown out, the weather has come good with light winds & calm seas, good fishing weather!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Old Friends Of Savusavu

I It has been 4 yrs since our friends, Jim & Marty returned for a visit to Savusavu.
Jim & Marty were constant visitors to Savusavu for many years, enjoying at last 2 visits a year

They owned a house in Daku Resort until it was sold about 5 yrs ago.
Jim had his own boat, & took great pleasure going out fishing every time he visited.
Jim was well known for the fish he caught, he never came home empty handed.

The boys from the resort always wanted to join Jim on his fishing trips, as they were guaranteed some fish for the family lunch.

Hope you don't leave it too long, for your next visit to our Hidden Paradise.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fun Day In Savusavu

I am a little late with this entry, have had friends visiting, so have been doing the rounds of the local restaurants, with them.
Pacific Dawn again graced our shores, for the usual 8 hrs visit, on 24th August
This time there seemed to be a lot more families, & lots of little children, happily out to enjoy the new town.
Thankfully it was again, a beautiful sunny day, with a gently sea breeze.
This trip bought a lot of revenue into the little town, helping a lot of families. the next boat isn't until 18th Sept, so that gives the stall holders time to get in more goods.