Monday, February 20, 2012

Towing Floating Dock To Savusavu

The weather had remained settled for a few days, so it looked like the right time to tow a set of Floating Docks down from the Koro Sun Resort, to be relocated at the Copra Shed Marina.

What a beautiful morning it was, we left our dock at 6.30 & headed along the coastline for Koro Sun Resort.

There was a slight swell as we came pass the Airport, hopefully it will die off for the tow back.
It took us about a hour to get to where we were to pick up the Dock, just outside the reef at Koro Sun Resort Marina.

After a half hour wait, we saw the start of the Docks appear from the Koro Sun Marina, out towards the reef entrance.

Once out pass the reef we were able to attach the tow rope. & after a few adjustments we were on our way back to Savusavu,

It was a very slow trip back, thankfully there was a slight breeze blowing to keep us cool, the swell was still there & sometimes it felt like the boat was about to stop with the weight it was pulling

Once back inside the harbour & close to the Copra Shed. we handed the tow over to 2 smaller boats for the final tow into the anchorage, & tie up at the wharf.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sea Princess Visits Savusavu

After all the rain we have been having, Savusavu was blessed with a beautiful day to welcome the passengers off the cruise liner Sea Princess.

Some of the passengers may have felt it a bit too hot for them, but most seemed to enjoy the day in our little bit of Paradise!

Lots of passengers went on the organised tours, & others were seen all over the town looking in the shops, talking to local stall holders, & taking lots of photos.

There was a band playing on the Copra Shed Marina lawn, & visitors were gathered around under the shade of the trees, listening to the music.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Beautiful Savusavu Sunrise

After all the rain we have been having over the Fiji group, it was such a joy to wake up to this lovely sunrise.

We have had a day of good sunshine to dry everything out, so think today will be the day to get back in the garden & clean up.

We lost about 6 banana trees with fruit on, so that has to be cleared up. the flowers are still standing but all now have a lean on them.

We had the beginning of Cyclone Cyril go through us on Monday morning, so this is what did all the damage.

Friday, February 3, 2012


The rain is still here with us, & looking at the weather pattern, looks like it will be here for a bit longer!

Again we have been very lucky in Savusavu, we have had the rain but fortunately, we haven't had the flooding.

Managed to walk around the garden this morning during a spell between showers, the garden is the one thing that is blooming with all this rain, I should also mention the grass is growing twice as fast also. Terry will have a hard job trying to catch up with the lawns once it dries out!

A few of our friends managed to go out fishing at the beginning of the week, they were rewarded with a nice catch, Skippys & 2 Yellowfin Tuna, 17kg & 20kg, very nice looking fish they were.

No fishing photos, so will post flowers in my garden for today.