Monday, March 31, 2008

Savusavu Airport

18th March.

Terry had to make a quick trip back to New Zealand for his School Reunion.
After a couple hours delay, his flight to Savusavu from Nadi was called.
Instead of the usual Pacific Sun plane, The airline charted a Sea Plane to carry their passengers onto Savusavu.
This was something different, but it was so high off the ground you felt like climbing out of a tall building

Monday, March 10, 2008

Another Beautiful Savusavu Day

1st March

Well we have been very fortunate, to have had another week of fine weather.
We had a charter from a couple off the Pacific Sun cruise ship.
Unfortunately, we didn't get out until 11.00am & had to be back by 2.30.

Out at our usual spot, there was a lot of action with yellow fin tuna around, but our old enemies the sharks were also there.
I saw 4 bronze whaler sharks amongst a large school of yellow fin.
We lost 4 lures to sharks again - just couldn't get the fish in quick enough.

We did manage to bring home a nice yellow fin, plus a head of an even nicer fish.
Thats fishing...

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Pacific Sun Savusavu Visit

29th February

It was another beautiful morning, & today we are expecting the cruise ship Pacific Sun with about 2000 passengers.
Everyone was really looking forward to its arrival as there haven't been many tourist around.

By the time the ship sailed late afternoon, everyone was very pleased with what the passengers had spent.
They were mostly Australians, so there were no language problems, plus they were all out to enjoy themselves. Thank you Pacific Sun.