Thursday, March 24, 2011

Europa's Visit To Savusavu

The German cruise liner Europa made a unexpected visit to Savusavu a few weeks ago, with about 250 passengers.

Bad weather diverted her to our shores, which was a blessing for the handy craft sellers & villages who had organized tours to their village.

There aren't many tourist around this part of the country at the moment, so this was a great help for the local traders.

Passengers were seen walking around town visiting the little shops along the shore, so this at least, was a help to the local businesses.

Europa didn't arrive into the port until Midday & left round 8.00pm.
It was a pleasant day in Town, sunshine, with a slight breeze to keep the visitors cool.

The passengers seemed very happy with their visit to our town, Savusavu is a little different to other Fijian ports of call.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Great Day Fishing

We couldn't make up our minds whether we were going to go out or not, so were a little late getting out on the water.

As we approached the usual fishing spot I could see a good work up ahead.
Once all the lines were in the water we made our way to the work up.

It looked like schools of skip jack tuna, we managed a hook up & yes it was Skippies.

There were a lot of birds & fish around, it wasn't long before & we had a nice size Yellowfin Tuna in the boat, about 10kg.

While I was driving, I could see big Yellowfin jumping out of the water in front of the boat, but were gone as soon as we caught up.

This went on for a while, them disappearing just as we got to where they were feeding.

Suddenly the line went screaming out, Terry grabbed the reel while I came down to bring the rest of the lines in.

Finally it stopped taking line & Terry was able to start to reel in line, then it started to peel out again, then went down.

Terry settled in for a fight, & I went back upstairs, at one stage we thought we might have a shark on.
It took about 20 mins to bring it to where we saw colour & then to see it was a nice Yellowfin Tuna.

Once the gaff was in I helped him pull it in, just as it hit the deck, the lure fell out, boy we were so lucky.

Once back at the dock we weighed it, a nice 35kg fish. That was a good day.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Columbus visits Savusavu

When the ship Columbus visited us on Sunday with 340 passengers, the town didn't seem so busy, the Pacific Pearl, had close to 2,000 passengers when she called in last week.

We had a beautiful day, sunshine with a gentle breeze, this made it easier for the passengers to disembark for tours around the countryside & to wander around the shops at their leisure.

There wasn't the crowd getting off the tenders, no queue to get back on & it was a much calmer atmosphere all round.

Not all the shops opened their doors it being a Sunday, but think there were enough open to make shopping interesting.

Their departure was delayed until early evening, so it gave the people in town a lovely sight seeing the ship all lit up, anchored just off the main wharf in Savusavu bay.