Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Fishing in Savusavu


What a great few week we have had, not only has the fishing been good but Fiji 7's rugby team have won a Gold in the Olympics. 

On one of the charters we caught a lot of small Yellow fin Tuna it kept the boys working hauling in the fish as we had gotten into a school, it was a lot of fun but unfortunately when we got to the dock, beers were bought & so with the excitement, forgot to take photos before we started to give the fish away to friends.

On the charter with Lee, we landed a very nice Yellow fin Tuna after some hard work, but lost a big Marlin, it peeled out line & as Lee started to work it in it snapped the line taking our new lure with it, oh well at least we were able to see the fish as it did some lovely jumps.  Later on Lee also hooked up a big Bronze Whaler shark, which he managed to play to the boat then also snapping the line & again taking another lure.
He had a amazing day as his wife also managed to land fish another 5 small yellow fin, so that was also a great day out on the water. 

On one of our charters, line managed to get round the props so Searov had to be hauled out again on Monday as one of the Hydraulic  Rams started leaking fluid, so no fishing for us for about a week till everything is fixed.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Wednesday, August 3, 2016





We have managed to take a few charters the last few weeks as the weather has been good. fish hasn't been plentiful, but a few of the fish have been of a decent size.  the biggest Mahimahi caught by Alan weighed in over 20kg.

On the Friday charter there were so many dolphins out there. rounding up the bait fish, some jumping out of the water & then coming down with a splash to stun the little fish.
We did manage to catch some a couple of yellowfin tuna that was amongst them, & also realized a few really small ones, hopefully the bigger ones will arrive in soon.