Friday, May 26, 2017

Great Days Fishing

Finally the winds calmed down enough this morning so we could do a charter, we left the dock a little after 6.30.

As we got towards the light house there was still a sea so Terry started to put the lines out as it is calmer in the harbour, once lines were in the water we headed towards the seamount.

It was close to a hour & no birds or fish were to be seen, then off to the left I saw a few birds so headed towards them.

Once we reached the birds we could see a big workup, something we haven't seen for a while, our first strike was on 4 lines, we lost 1 as there were only 3 people on the deck, but 3 in the boat was a great start.

We ended up with 6 yellow fin 3 about 23-25kg the first 3 smaller, we had all the fish in the box by 9.15am, & finally able to relax & take a breather.

The ice box was full & being a hot day the ice was melting fast so headed home slowly trolling, in case a Mahimahi came our way.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Cyclone Ella

The last wee we have been busy keeping a eye on the Cyclone Ella that was heading our way.
Searov was put on our cyclone mooring & everything was made as safe as possible in preparation.

Yesterday, the good news was received that Ella was heading north of us & was now a Cat 1 so we are finally out of danger, this was a huge sigh of relief to everyone as people are still living in tents in some of the villages after cyclone Winston last year.

Tomorrow we will bring Searov back to the dock & hopefully be able to charters again later in the week.

Some photos taken yesterday, as the weather cleared up.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Savusavu Fishing



On Saturday we finally put Searov back in the water for her usual checks & anti fouling, so took her out on Sunday for her first charter

A young couple been married a week from the USA.  Today we had just a slight swell but they were coping with it,

About 15mins into fishing one reel went reeling out & out the back we could see this Marlin jumping, well the usual panic happened then Heather got into the chair to play her fish.  For a small person she did remarkably well it took her 50 mins to get it to the boat.

As it swam alongside the boat Terry said it was probably only about 80 kg so we should release it, Heather was in agreement so after a few photos it was let go.
Not too long after the reel went off this time Andrew was in the chair & it wasn't long till we had a nice Wahoo on board.

Today we had a couple from Russia, normally in these rough conditions we wouldn't have gone out, but there was happy to go & have fished all over the world so were use to these conditions.
We ended up with 2 Wahoo & 1 Mahimahi, which wasn't too bad for the conditions.

Hope this weather calms down a little so we can get out again. it has been blowing 20 knots since we came home!