Sunday, December 28, 2008

Savusavu Christmas

Well Christmas in Savusavu is the same as on any other tropical island, I guess.
This year, we had a beautiful sunny day, except for a short rain shower in the morning, just to cool the place down.
On Christmas eve, there was a rush to the shops to get that last minute gift & groceries that was forgotten earlier.
It is just amazing, to see so many people in the town, they must come from all over the island to shop here.
The days leading up to Christmas were very quiet, but I think the shops made up for all the lost trade in one day.
All the Government workers got their pay on Wednesday, so there was a lot of money paid out.
These pictures were taken, when one of the cruise ships visited us, earlier in the month.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Savusavu Homecentre.

Being a quiet week, we spent time, just doing maintenance on the boat.
It takes us 2 days to antifoul the bottom of Searov, as we don't have a slipway to have her docked.
She has to be put on the beach, & paint one side at a time, when the tide goes out.
This week we had very high tides 2mtrs, so it was the right time to do the job.

A week or so ago MH Homecentre opened their new shop in Savusavu, this is a huge improvement on the old shop.
We were entertained by a group of dancing girls, while being served cocktails.
It was a enjoyable night out.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Savusavu Sun Rise

Early on Friday morning I took these shots on the way out of Savusavu Bay.

It was a beautiful calm day, & the sun was just rising as we passed the Cousteau Resort.

On one side of the boat, we had the sun rising, & on the other side, was this lovely blue colour, that seemed to come from the sea & carried up into the sky.

On the way back into the harbour, the setting had changed again.

On the water, the scenery always changes, & you never get tired of looking at it.
It has such a calming affect.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Savusavu Airport

This is the news we have all been waiting for
Flights are to commence flying back into Savusavu, on Monday morning.
This is good news for people living overseas, who return to Savusavu for Christmas, to be with their families.

There have held test flight since Thursday, testing the new runway, & it has now been given the ok to start operations.

With the closure of the Airport 4 months ago, people had to travel to Labasa to catch a plane, this was a strain, & time consuming, on a lot of travellers.

Now, we hope the tourist numbers will start to pick up again.