Sunday, November 30, 2008

Trip To Koro Island

Well it is the last day of November, so we have to be careful & keep updating the weather in case, a cyclone should form, as we are now into the hurricane season.

We had a trip to Koro Island, yesterday morning, to pick up a couple that were visiting the island.

During the night, we had some very heavy rain, but when we left Savusavu around 7.00am, it was a little cloudy, but the seas were nice & calm.

The trip back wasn't too bad, except for about 15 min when we got into a storm, just before we reached Savusavu harbour entrance.

Have included a picture of some flowers, to add a bit of colour.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pacific Dawns Last Savusavu Visit For Year

We were up just after 4.30am, & witnessed another beautiful sunrise.
This morning Pacific Dawn was coming into Savusavu, on her last visit for the year.

The weather man had predicted rain for today, so we were happy to prove him wrong.
It wasn't long before Pacific Dawn could be seen in the early morning light, she had all the lights on, so it was a lovely sight, gliding along the sea, there wasn't a ripple on the water.

Again a few tours were organised, but a lot of the passengers did their own thing.
Hiring taxis to look around the island, or enjoying the local bands at a couple of places.

There were a few, very happy groups that boarded the tenders, that had spent some time at the bar, sampling the local brew.

Farewell Pacific Dawn, look forward to seeing you next year.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Korean Ambassador

The thunderstorms are still around, usually after lunch we start to see the dark clouds forming, but the mornings are really beautiful, clear sky's & calm seas.

Last Sunday, it was very unfortunate that a young boy was killed, on his way home with a group of friends, when he was struck by lightening.

The group had gone out looking for mangoes, a friend was up the tree & the boy that was killed was holding a bamboo stick, trying to get at the mangoes.

The friend in the tree was thrown out of the tree,& the lightening struck the bamboo stick, & killed, the boy.

A few days ago we had the pleasure of taking the Korean Ambassador to Fiji, on a harbour cruise. Fortunately we had one of the clear days.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Thunderstorms In Savusavu

Over the last few days, we have been experiencing tropical downpours & thunder & lightening.This week Fiji experienced hail storms & a whirlwind.

One of the strikes, even blew stuff in my computer, I had switched it off at the wall but forgot to pull the plug out.

Have learned my lesson, yesterday the power was off most of the night, but luckily we now have power, though a friend across the Savusavu Bay is still without it.

We went out last Sunday, it poured really heavy out where we do our fishing, we saw the big yellowfin right at the boat, but they just wouldn't take anything.

Terry tried just about every combination of lures, but had no luck hooking up a big one.

Luckily we did manage to pick some fish up, but nothing big.

A couple of other boats that were out, had the same result, the big ones just wouldn't take anything.

A few more photos of the Tuna that Paul caught.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Paul Lands His Tuna

Paul was in the chair, & working really hard, after 1/2hr Paul was getting a ribbing from his friends, tell him to work harder, to hurry up & bring the fish in, so we could carry on fishing.
The fish just wasn't coming up, at this stage we thought it could be a big bronze whaler shark, Paul was getting a little tired, but just kept working the fish up, a little bit at a time.
Just over a hour it started to surface, then we got a look at it.
It was a lovely yellowfin tuna, as he came up, we saw a big shark swimming close by.
Now, everyone was shouting FASTER FASTER.
We got it to the boat, using 2 gaffs, the fish was eventually in the boat.
Everyone was cheering, & Paul had a great big smile on his face, now it was time for a beer, after all that hard work, he deserved one.
Congratulations Paul.
Will add photos of the Tuna on shore later.