Thursday, February 5, 2015

Beautiful Savusavu Sunset

The weather has been amazing the last month we have been having beautiful sunrises & sunsets, with calm seas, but very hot temperatures through the day.

We had a slight scare earlier this week as a low developed above us & was expected to turn into a cyclone & maybe head in our direction, fortunately for us this didn't eventuate.

Have had a few charters since my last blog, the latest was with a couple from Alaska, it was a beautiful morning when we set out, but got hot so quickly it was hard to find any bird or fish life.

The birds finally did appear & the fish came up but for a very short time, we were lucky to catch 2 Yellowfin & 4 Skipjack Tuna in the end.
It was so hot at the dock when we came in we just bagged the fish & they headed off to the resort, so haven't any photos to put up.

One of the other charters we managed to catch a couple of Mahimahi, this couple were from the US.

The other charter we did was in the afternoon, with a couple from New Zealand, the Yellowfin were there but just wouldn't take the lures.
After a couple of hours of going round & in & out of the schools we did manage to hook one, when we gutted it we found it full of very very small bait fish, no wonder they weren't interested in our lures.