Saturday, March 30, 2013

Savusavu Fishing

This month has been a very wet one in Savusavu, unlike New Zealand we are getting so much rain that the ground is so soggy, we haven't had enough sunny days to dry things out.

We have managed to get out on a couple of fishing trips.

We had 3 men from Savasi Island Resort in Savusavu, who hailed all the way from Russia, on our first charter.

On our second charter,  we had 5 lines out  had 5 fish on, & managed to bring the whole 5 in. . We had a lot of fun, & caught some nice fish. that day.
Thanks for all the help Adam. We also hooked a baby sailfish which we released as soon as we had taken our photo.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Yellowfin Tuna

What a great morning it turned out to be, as we left the Copra Shed Dock about 6.30, it looked like we might get more rain, thankfully it stayed away today.

As we drew close to the usual fishing spot I saw a few birds working just left to where we were traveling, I pointed this out to Terry, who then quickly went down to start putting the gear out.

Within 5 mins of reaching the birds we had a triple strike, we got 2 into the boat then took off again.

This was how it went for at least a couple of hours, unfortunately a couple of the bigger fish got off, Andrew must have played his fish for close to 10 mins (while we had 2 other fish on), when suddenly it took line out then it was gone!

Terry was still putting a line out when another big fish took the line, causing a birds nest,  once sorted he started to feed line out again when wham! this time the line snapped, & the lure, a new cedar plug was also lost.

About 9.30 the birds started to disappear, then it got harder to find anything working, we managed to bring in another Yellowfin Tuna, before the clients from Savesi Island Resort, said to start heading back to Savusavu.

We ended the day with 11 Yellowfin, & 4 Skipjack Tuna. needless to say it was Sushimi for everyone tonight.