Monday, January 29, 2018

A Day Out With Guisselle & Garrett

Hello Trevina,

Sorry for the delay in my response. Here are some photos and what I would like to add to the blog.

Thank you again for the experience!

"My boyfriend and I had the pleasure of spending the day at sea with Trevina and Terry on Jan 6, 2018. Although, I got a little ill from being out on a boat for the first time, these two made sure the experience was wonderful. We met with them in the early morning and watched the beautiful Fijian sunrise. After some time, we caught a yellowfin tuna! I am thankful to have met such kind people, and I am happy that we got to enjoy Fiji from a different persepctive.
Vinaka vaka levu,
Guisselle & Garrett"

Thank you both for the very kind words.
All the best in your journey together.
Terry & Trevina.


Friday, January 19, 2018

Beautiful Sunrise In Savusavu.

What a lovely sight that greeted us as we waited for our guest to arrive for their charter.

Over the last few weeks there has been such a foul smell coming off all the Mangrove that the developers on Nawi have destroyed, last week our guest complained about the stench. It is a sad sight to see Mangroves that took hundreds of years to grow to that stage destroyed in a matter of weeks.

Anyway it was a great day on the water, Lisa got her wish & saw whales & Will got his fish,  a nice Sailfish, and we all enjoyed the morning on the water. 

Sorry I didn't manage to get the tail & beak in, bad camera work! It measured just over 8ft in length but couldn't weight it.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Great day on the Water

What a day to be out on the water, seas are flat calm & a great sunrise to great us.
The day started slow but about 9.30 we got into a school of yellowfin, got 8 into the boat & 2 Rainbow runners, lost a few fish along the way & Gary also got to play a shark, which had taken 2 of our lures but thankfully we got one back before it snapped the line.
All this & no photos to show, somehow we got talking having a few beers, then sorted the fish forgetting we hadn't taken photos! 

Second trip out with Gary was different then the first one, this time we got our fish about a hour out of Savusavu then nothing for the rest of the morning, never found the school of yellowfin again so it was home time.

Hi Terry and Travina,

I just wanted to say a big thankyou once again for a great couple of trips you guys never fail to get me onto some fish and that was proven on both trips this time with 8 yellow fin and 2 rainbow runners (unfortunately someone forgot to take some photos) on the first trip and then a nice 10kg Mahi Mahi on the second trip (my first one of these) so it was great to catch it with you. I always look forward to coming out with you and having a chat over Terrys great coffee (haha) and Travinas hard boiled eggs and cheesey bread. Hopefully I will be back out there next year and catching more fish. Once again Vinaka Vaka Levu and hope to see you soon. Can I have a mailing address for you as I am sending Terry a little Xmas present.


Thanks Gary for the fun trips we always look forward to your visits, hopefully we will be able to catch up again next year.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Great Day On The Water


Finally we managed to get out on the water again, and a great day was had by all.

We had a Marlin on for a few minutes but it threw the hook & was gone, then we had a Mahimahi do the same thing, one of the clients hadn't fished salt water  before so didn't keep the weight on the line so lost another one!

Thankfully we got 2 to the boat before we set off for home, it was a fun day & the sea was such a beautiful blue.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Roger & his catch

We have lost about 4 charters over the last month because of the rough sea conditions, thankfully it did calm down on Friday so we did manage to get out pass the lighthouse

There wasn't much around when we got to the seamount so went looking, we did come across some yellowfin, managed to get one to the boat but pulled out just as Terry went to land it.

Managed to get 2 Mahimahi and 1 Wahoo into the boat so we had something for dinner.


Friday, May 26, 2017

Great Days Fishing

Finally the winds calmed down enough this morning so we could do a charter, we left the dock a little after 6.30.

As we got towards the light house there was still a sea so Terry started to put the lines out as it is calmer in the harbour, once lines were in the water we headed towards the seamount.

It was close to a hour & no birds or fish were to be seen, then off to the left I saw a few birds so headed towards them.

Once we reached the birds we could see a big workup, something we haven't seen for a while, our first strike was on 4 lines, we lost 1 as there were only 3 people on the deck, but 3 in the boat was a great start.

We ended up with 6 yellow fin 3 about 23-25kg the first 3 smaller, we had all the fish in the box by 9.15am, & finally able to relax & take a breather.

The ice box was full & being a hot day the ice was melting fast so headed home slowly trolling, in case a Mahimahi came our way.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Cyclone Ella

The last wee we have been busy keeping a eye on the Cyclone Ella that was heading our way.
Searov was put on our cyclone mooring & everything was made as safe as possible in preparation.

Yesterday, the good news was received that Ella was heading north of us & was now a Cat 1 so we are finally out of danger, this was a huge sigh of relief to everyone as people are still living in tents in some of the villages after cyclone Winston last year.

Tomorrow we will bring Searov back to the dock & hopefully be able to charters again later in the week.

Some photos taken yesterday, as the weather cleared up.