Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Great day on the Water

What a day to be out on the water, seas are flat calm & a great sunrise to great us.
The day started slow but about 9.30 we got into a school of yellowfin, got 8 into the boat & 2 Rainbow runners, lost a few fish along the way & Gary also got to play a shark, which had taken 2 of our lures but thankfully we got one back before it snapped the line.
All this & no photos to show, somehow we got talking having a few beers, then sorted the fish forgetting we hadn't taken photos! 

Second trip out with Gary was different then the first one, this time we got our fish about a hour out of Savusavu then nothing for the rest of the morning, never found the school of yellowfin again so it was home time.

Hi Terry and Travina,

I just wanted to say a big thankyou once again for a great couple of trips you guys never fail to get me onto some fish and that was proven on both trips this time with 8 yellow fin and 2 rainbow runners (unfortunately someone forgot to take some photos) on the first trip and then a nice 10kg Mahi Mahi on the second trip (my first one of these) so it was great to catch it with you. I always look forward to coming out with you and having a chat over Terrys great coffee (haha) and Travinas hard boiled eggs and cheesey bread. Hopefully I will be back out there next year and catching more fish. Once again Vinaka Vaka Levu and hope to see you soon. Can I have a mailing address for you as I am sending Terry a little Xmas present.


Thanks Gary for the fun trips we always look forward to your visits, hopefully we will be able to catch up again next year.