Monday, January 23, 2017


We have been out a couple of times but haven't any photos of fish to show.

On one of the charters we were having a slow start until 9.30 when we got into a school of birds & fish, our first fish was a skipjack tuna. The school just kept on moving so fast it took a while to catch up, but nothing was hooking up so decided to find something else.

About a half hour later we came upon a massive work up, withing a few minutes we had a hook up which John took, Terry started to bring lines in then we had another hook up, Terry played this one for about 10 mins before it snapped the line.

John had something big on & it was taking him a while to try & gain some line back as the fish nearly spooled us, as soon as line was gained it would spool out again.

It took about 2 hours to finally gain some line for Terry to try & trace it, the fish had other ideas, another 1/2 hour & we were no closer to tracing it, as soon as Terry started to trace it it would just dive under the boat taking line out again.

In all the years we have been fishing we have never seen anything so powerful, John just had to hold the rod tightly when it did its dive as it was so powerful he couldn't move it.

We know it had to be a yellowfin as I saw massive big ones as I steered the boat to the workup, but unfortunately it snapped the line before we could get it close enough to see the fish & size of it, we did have colour so it wasn't a shark.

After 2 1/2 hours it was a disappointment but as John said, it had put up a good fight so deserves to get off!

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