Sunday, January 18, 2015

Morning Fishing In Savusavu

Weather has been amazing this week, hot days & calm seas, so managed to get out fishing again.

What a beautiful morning it was, the sun was just peering over the mountains, as we arrived at the Copra Shed Marina, to get ready for our charter,

A hour later the guests arrived & we headed out, it was going to be a hot one today.

Arriving at the fishing spot we could see small groups of fish working just above the surface, time to put gear in the water.

It wasn't too long before we had a double hook up, a few minutes later one had thrown the hook, but thankfully the other was still on.

Thomas played it while all the gear was brought it, it reeled out line a few times before we had it close to the boat to see it was a nice Yellowfin Tuna. would have been nice to had caught the other one too!

Soon all the gear was back in the water & we were on our way, by now the sun was up & it was getting really hot, the fish were also getting harder to find.

Next fish on was a barracuda which Shirley took, she hadn't fished before so this was a learning experience for her, wasn't long before that was also in the box.

We could see small schools of Yellowfin but they weren't staying up long, just giving us the run around.
Another fish was on & this time a nice Mahimahi for Shirley to  practice on, this was carefully placed in the fish box as it wasn't a happy chappy to be caught kicking & jumping on the deck.

It went dead after this so made our way out to look for birds, we came across a patch working & had a hook up but this also drooped the hook as soon as Thomas got to the chair.

All of a sudden we had a nasty storm upon us so it was time to pull the gear in & head for home. this was probably all the fish disappeared?

Guest were happy so it was a good day out.


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