Saturday, January 10, 2015

Fishing Mahimahi

Last week the wind dropped enough so we managed to take another couple of tourist out fishing.

This couple were from the USA on their way to visit their daughter in New Zealand.

The seas were calm enough,a beautiful day to be out on the water, but maybe too calm for fishing!

We traveled miles to try & find some bird action, finally out of the blue we had a Mahimahi on, this was soon landed & the search went on.

About 20mins later another big run & a Mahimahi was seen leaping out of the water, it was the wife's  turn.
She played it for  a while but was having a problem working the gear & with a Mahimahi this size it soon jumped again, this time throwing out the hook.

Still no sign of any birds working so made our way to the sea mount, it wasn't too long before we had another Mahimahi on, this time the huband decided to take the rod, & after a while we had another Mahimahi on board.

Soon we saw a pod of whales ahead, so slowed down so not to scare them & got close enough for the couple to take some photos & enjoy watching these beautiful sea creatures move across the water in front of us.

A little further on we finally see some small birds  working so made our way towards them, got one Skippy before they went down, time to  make our way home, & out of this heat,

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