Thursday, June 19, 2014

Namena Island

Terry got back from a well earned break in New Zealand & the first charter was to take a couple to Namana Island Resort.

The days before the transfer we had lovely calm days, but come Sunday morning it was blowing a gale.

The plane arrived on time so the guests were down at the boat just before 9 so once the luggage was loaded we were away.

As we got closer to the lighthouse we could see the the huge waves breaking on the reef, this was not going to be a good trip.

A couple of times Terry had to slow right down as the waves were coming head on, some over 2 meters high.

On the way over we saw dolphins jumping out of the water. & a big lot of birds working.

We decided to come home at a slower speed so it wouldn't be too hard on the boat, & crew so half way across thought we would put a couple of lines out.

Not long after the lines were out we had a double strike, it took Terry a while to bring the fish in as it was so rough & he didn't want to go overboard, once in the fish box he turned to the second fish. he had it right up to the boat when the hook pulled through, never mind we had one on board.

A little while later we had another Mahimahi on but this also got off, so decided to pull the lines in as it was too rough to fight fish.

It was lovely to have fresh fish again & Mahimahi is our favourite fish.

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