Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mahimahi Fishing

Again the weather was good at the beginning of the week then turned nasty at the week end when we had charters lined up.

A lovely young couple from my favourite city in Australia, Perth, had called early in the week to say they were on their way to Savusavu & wanted to try fishing with us.

We arranged to meet them at the boat about 10am the day after they arrived in Savusavu to see what they wanted to do?

Thankfully once they got to the boat, they decided to go out & give it a try!  As the winds were to start picking up strength from later that afternoon, we headed off straight away.

Already once outside the lighthouse the winds were getting stronger, but as the couple had experience out on the water it didn't matter to them.

We had a lovely day out, in the end we came home with 4 Mahimahi & 1 barracuda. we lost 2 at the boat, threw 1 back, & lost a few, that didn't hook up properly.

One of the Mahimahi was a big bull weighing in at about 15kg, that caused a lot of excitement on the deck before finally getting it into the boat

They will be sending me some photos once back in Perth so will post them later, I only managed to get 1 photo of the charter

Saturday we had to go to Namena Island to bring back a couple, as the wind was blowing strong all night we knew it would be a rough trip.  Needless to say the waves were over 2 meters once pass the lighthouse so we took our time heading out to the Island.

We got back safely & the couple said it was a better trip then the one going out to the Island so that was good to hear.

The fishing charter for Sunday had to be canceled, as the winds were still blowing 20knts & it isn't fun trying to fish in those conditions, maybe next week end, we will be able to get out!

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