Sunday, May 18, 2014


We have had s few charters over the last couple of weeks, a trip to Koro Island & fishing ones .
Shouldn't really call it fishing as there really wasn't any fish to be found.

We had to cancel the trip to Koro on Wednesday as it was far too rough to do the trip, we did manage to go across on Thursday.
There was some big waves going across, taking us a extra half hour to get there, but a nice ride home.

Thank you Eric & Melissa for bringing us those lovely lures, only wish we could have caught you something on them. We will keep in touch & let you know what the lure catch.

The day we took Nicola & Alice out was just the same, no sigh of bird life or fish on either sea mount, thankfully we caught 3 small bonito which we released & just as we were on our way home, finally a nice Trevally, so now at least they have something for dinner.

Have a safe trip back to Italy.

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