Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Savusavu Sunrise

Well after nearly 2 months with boat hiccups, we managed to go out on a fishing charter.

As we left the Copra Shed Marina a little after 6am the sun was beginning to rise, at the entrance to Savusavu Harbour the sun had just started to appear over the hill at the back of Cousteau Resort..

The Roll on Roll Off Ferry was also just approaching the entrance, with a load of cargo & passengers from the Main Island.

It looked like it was going to be a good day on the water, as we approached the sea mount we saw 4 local commercial fishing boats, all fishing on the mount with baits dropped all over the mount.

We fished up & down & around the mount but nothing was happening, there were schools of bait fish but nothing big was coming up, tried fishing along the reef but this also wasn't producing anything.

Making our way away from the mount we did managed to pick up a couple of yellowfin but they were so small we threw them back.

Finally a nice size barracuda, this was taken back to the Resort & cooked for the guest at dinner, "it was amazing" was the remark from the guest.

All up we didn't catch fish but it was a truly beautiful day on the water & we did see pods of whales through the day.

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