Sunday, December 8, 2013

Returning From Koro Island

We have had a few charters over the last couple of week, not the usual fishing charters, but transferring guest to Namena Island Resort, & taking Vodafone technicians to do repairs on the tower located on Koro island.

After dropping off the guests at Namena Island, we were able to fish on the way home, we caught a couple of yellowfin for lunch then on Saturday we were fortunate to catch a very nice Mahimahi.

It weigh in just over 12kg, the first time Terry tried to gaff it it got off, but fortunately it was still on the line so he was able to get it into the boat on the second attempt.

We were late coming home from the Koro trip so weren't able to fish,  the truck they hired had a problem, so had a very long drive back from the tower.

Anyway we had a beautiful calm trip back & saw a rainbow just as we got close to the lighthouse.

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