Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Savusavu Day Out

Had a charter with a couple of Australian men who were here in Savusavu, waiting to do the Tui Tai Adventures.

There weren't many people around the town as we drove through & for the first time, the bread shop wasn't open.  Realized after that Fiji Bati Rugby team were playing, so everyone was still glued to the TV sets

It was a beautiful morning as we left the Copra Shed Marina.
Once at the sea mount there didn't seem much happening so we trolled around looking for birds working, soon some were spotted in the distance.

This morning there didn't seem to be the big work ups, just lots of little ones happening all over the mount.
We were soon catching Yellowfin, up ahead I saw nice sized ones jumping out of the water doing the usual teasing stunt they do then disappear, still it was nice to see that they are here .

After  a couple of hours of catching & loosing Yellowfin it went dead, we did a few more big circles around the mount then started to head home.

 A lovely thank you from our customers.

 ''The fishing trip was a very big highlight for Gary and I. You provided an excellent experience that we will     find hard to forget  Thanks and keep fishing till we return for a go at the big ones.

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