Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tsunami Warning

Yesterday just after lunch we had a Tsunami warning for Fiji, this was after a Earthquake hit just off the Solomon Islands.

As news filtered in everyone started to take action, fortunately we are up high on a hill overlooking Savusavu airport so well out of danger of the tsunami.
Searov isn't so Terry went down to make sure she was sitting secure & all her ropes were alright.

The news coming out from the BBC said that information received said that there was a 3ft wave generated.
This made us feel better, but still damage could be done to the coastal villages.

Relief at 4.00pm when the Tsunami warning was now cancelled, the earthquake was a lot deeper than first thought, so this was one of the reasons the wave wasn't so big!

Last Saturday Sea Princess visited Savusavu with her full load of passengers, fortunately the weather stayed fine for the passengers, who managed to carry on with all the tours that had been planed.

The Copra Shed Marina had just put in another set of floating docks, so this was a excellent day to test it.

          All reports about it seem to be positive ones so that is good.

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